7 Tips for Repetitive Bible Reading

  • 25 January 2013

Howard & William Hendricks, in Living by the Book, give 6 tips for reading the Bible repetitively.

1) Read entire books in one sitting - This gives us a better grasp of the unity of each book. Skipping from passage to passage means we never get a sense of the whole.

2) Start at the beginning of a book - Similar to above, this helps us understand the book better and keep things in context. And remember, most books are quite short.

3) Read the Bible in different translations - Sometimes we can become so familiar with a passage it can put us to sleep. So try a different translation to keep things interesting a see things you haven’t seen before.

4) Listen to audio recordings - Another good way to keep things interesting. There a loads of ways to listen to the Bible now. It means you can listen when doing other things, hear the reader emphasise certain things and easily listen repeatedly.

5) Read the Bible out loud - Reading out loud forces you to pay attention to every word and helps memorisation.

6) Set up a schedule - One way to discipline yourself into repetitive reading is to follow a schedule. Again, there are loads of options on the web. And they don’t necessarily have to be full-on, bible-in-one-year plans.

And one more from me

7) Write out the Bible - This forces you to slow down, helping you focus on each word and think about what you are reading/writing. This is also helpful for memorisation.