Life Before Death: The Antidote to Spiritual Restlessness

  • 2 June 2012
I listened as a Christian friend exchanged the usual pleasantries with a friend he hadn't seen in several years and probably wouldn't for several more. They offered updates on family, pets, jobs, churches, and health. Then the first friend decided to get real.
"I've always believed in life after death," he said. "But I'm wondering about life before death. Is this all there is?"
The second friend promised to pray for him and asked for details, which spilled out like rice from a leaky sack. He was dissatisfied with his job---and, like many others, worried about whether it would continue. He was also depressed and taking medication. His marriage seemed to be going all right. Their church was solid. Still, the question rang in the second friend's ears: "Is this all there is?"

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