Bible Reading/Study

Bible and Bible Study

  • - Worlds Largest Christian Bible Study site. All available as a free download. Includes the NET Bible with all the translators notes.
  • - Read Scripture in dozens of translations in many languages; this site also includes reading plans, search tools, audio content, and other resources.
  • - is your place for Bible study online. Part of a family of services from Logos Bible Software, it offers free access to a collection of Bibles and Bible reference works, with an easy user interface and powerful search engine.
  • - STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person), is a powerful Bible study tool that enables anyone to study the Bible seriously. 
  • - Bible Sprout is a trusted Bible study guide to growing deeper in the Christian walk. Get stronger faith by getting answers to your questions.


Bible Apps

  • YouVersion - Hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans, dozens of languages. Add your own highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes. Customize your reading experience. Access everything when you’re connected, or download specific versions for offline use.
  • Olive Tree Bible Study App - Olive Tree Bible Study App has been designed for deeper Bible study. Learn from great scholars through thousands of resources including commentaries, maps, and dictionaries all available off-line. If you like to highlight Bible verses, take notes, bookmark passages and have everything sync to all your devices, then this is your Bible Study App.
  • Bible Gateway - Mobile Bible reading and study experience from (
  • Faithlife Study Bible - The world's most advanced study bible app.


Bible in a Year Reading Plans

A quick search in google will bring up hundreds of different Bible reading plans. Below are some of the more popular ones, that can all be easily downloaded or printed.

  • M'Cheyne Reading Plan  - The M'Cheyne reading plan is arguably the most famous. This will take you twice through the Psalms and New Testament and once through the rest of the Bible in one year. The Gospel Coalition’s For the Love of God Blog takes you through the M’Cheyne reading plan, with a meditation each day by D. A. Carson related to one of the readings.
  • Discipleship Journal Reading Plan  - This plan gets you through the whole bible in one year. Each day is separated into 4-readings: 2 from the Old Testament and 2 from the New Testament. Each month contains only 25 readings, so you can use the free days to catch up, memorize verses, or study passages that interested you.
  • Chronological Reading Plan  - Read the Bible as its events occurred in real time. For example, Job lived sometime after the beginning of creation (Genesis 1) but before Abraham was born (Genesis 12). As a result, Job is read in the middle of Genesis.