His Life Becomes Your Life

  • 24 January 2020

Behold one of the most mysterious and beautiful facets of God’s dealings with humanity: From the moment that you first rest in Jesus Christ as your only hope, you are forever joined with Jesus in such a way that God the Father sees you always and only in Jesus. Through faith, the deeds of Jesus become your deeds, his life becomes your life, and all his goodness is credited to your account (John 17:20 – 23; Romans 4:22 – 25; 5:17 – 19; 6:11; Colossians 3:3). Jesus Christ on the cross joined himself with sins that were not his own. United with him by faith, you receive righteousness that you never could have earned. 

Here’s what this means for your life: In that moment when the baptized body of Jesus burst through the surface of the Jordan River, the heavens thundered with the words that your heart hungers to hear: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11). These words from God the Father were meant first and foremost for Jesus, of course. Of all the billions of men and women who have lived and died from the dawn of time to the end of the age, Jesus alone deserves such praise. And yet, through the work that Jesus accomplished through his perfect life and sacrifice, these words have reached far beyond the Son of God to include every human being who is “in Christ.”

Deep inside, you are starving for someone whose opinion really matters to declare once and for all that you belong, that you’re loved, and that he is pleased with you. The good news of grace is that someone already has, and not even the slightest measure of his pleasure is based on anything that you will ever do. It’s based solely on what Jesus has already done. 

In Christ, whatever Jesus inherits, you inherit with him (Romans 8:17). You don’t deserve this inheritance, and you never will — but Jesus does, and the Father sees you in him. 

In Christ, whatever love God the Father has for Jesus, he has for you as well. Nothing you do could ever merit this love — but Jesus could and did, and the Father sees you in him. 

In Christ, you are joined to Jesus in such a way that God the Father can never think anything less of you than he thinks of Jesus. Your failures are wiped away, your short-fallings no longer fall short, and your future is secure.

In Christ, the deepest reality in your life isn’t the rapidly wrinkling flesh that stared back at you from the mirror this morning. Your deepest reality is the fist-battered face of the one who looked down at men whose spit had clotted with his blood and who pleaded with his Father for their forgiveness (Luke 23:34). Your truest identity isn’t the failure-prone fool who never seems to lose enough weight or gain enough ground to impress the people around you. Your life is “hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3; see also Galatians 3:26; Philippians 3:9; Colossians 1:2 – 4; Hebrews 3:14). 

In Christ, you have already been convicted and executed, raised from death and vindicated once and for all (Romans 6:11; Ephesians 2:5 – 6; Hebrews 10:10 – 18). You have no failures to hide and no triumphs to hide behind. The risen King has become your righteousness, and your standing before God no longer depends on you (Romans 4:24; 1 Corinthians 1:30; Philippians 3:9). 

This single truth of being “in Christ” changes everything, and it has all been given to you in the free gift of faith (Ephesians 2:8 – 9).

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